Panarea, an open-air landfill discovered: the complaint is filed


By John

In recent days, as part of the services aimed at verifying compliance with environmental regulations, the Carabinieri of the permanent post of Panarea they have a man was released on bail for unauthorized waste management activities.
Following a pre-arranged service, carried out with the help of ARPA technicians, the military personnel ascertained that the suspect, in land owned by him of approximately 500 m2, had deposited dangerous and non-hazardous waste, including numerous exhausted accumulators, scooter carcasses, deteriorated tyres, ferrous material and various scrap, cans with residues of oily material dumped on the land, construction waste and more.

The entire area used as a landfill and the waste found were seized by the police who informed the judicial and administrative authorities. The Carabinieri checks will continue in order to ascertain the presence of any further violations of environmental regulations, a delicate and very important sector, to be constantly monitored, in agreement with the Public Prosecutor's Office of Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto, led by Giuseppe Verzera.