Parco Romani in Catanzaro, working to exit the tunnel: technical inspection and master plan in sight


By John

The path to the relaunch of Parco Romani will be that of urban regeneration. It won't be a downhill route nor will there be any curves. But the road is starting to be traced, as emerged from yesterday's meeting at Palazzo De Nobili which was attended by the deputy mayor Giusy Iemma, the president of the municipal council Gianmichele Boscothe councilors Gianni Costa and Sergio Costanzothe Municipality's strategic planning consultant Antonio De Marco and the lawyers Francesco Sacchi and Rosanna Amendolawho followed the story of the mega abandoned building on behalf of the private owners.
The discussion was stimulating because it saw an issue put on the table which for over ten years has represented a major unresolved issue for the capital: from an economic and urban planning point of view but also from a landscape and safety point of view.
In fact, the building has been in total disrepair for some time: theft and vandalism have reduced it to a practically rustic state, so much so that its structural recovery will require a huge investment. It will therefore be necessary to be able to find a subject who has the ability to do it but, first of all, as was highlighted during yesterday's work, it will be necessary to identify a vocation, a possible use. His entire recovery plan will revolve around this central aspect.
An inspection will probably take place next week by the participants at the table and by a technical component, in order to verify the condition of Parco Romani.