Vannacci: “Italians have white skin.” And again: “Divide students based on their abilities”


By John

Italians have white skin, statistics say so”; the homosexual who “shows off as an exhibitionist must accept criticism”; “abortion is not a right”; students at school, including disabled people “must be divided according to their abilities”. Roberto Vannacci, candidate for the League in the European elections, says this in an interview with La Stampa and explains: «I believe that classes with 'separate characteristics' would help children with great potential to express themselves to the maximum, and even those with more difficulties would be helped in a special way.”

To those who ask him if it would not be a discriminatory solution, the general replies: «It is not discriminatory. For students with problems I rely on specialists. I don't specialize in disabilities. However, I certainly wouldn't put a disabled person to run with someone who breaks the one hundred meter record.”