Peace summit in Cairo, Meloni: “We demand the immediate release of the hostages” THE VIDEO


By John

The impression I have, from the way in which the attack took place”, is that Hamas’ objective “was to force Israel into a reaction against Gaza that would create an unbridgeable gap between Arab countries, Israel and the West, compromising the peace for all the citizens involved, including those who they say they want to defend”. The Prime Minister said this Giorgia Meloni at the peace summit in Cairo. “The target – he added – is all of us, and falling into this trap would be very, very stupid”.

For Melons”the terrible attack by Hamas struck defenseless civilians with unprecedented brutality that leaves us shocked and which from our point of view it is right to condemn without ambiguity“. “It is in the interest of all leaders at this table – he continued – that what is happening in Gaza does not turn into a wider conflict, into a war of religion, of civilisation, making the efforts of recent years to normalize relations in vain “. “We are very worried about the fate of the hostages, there are also Italians, we ask for the immediate release of the hostages”.

“We are faced with an unprecedented crisis that requires total attention. This is why I have called on you to work together on a new road map that will put an end to the humanitarian crisis.” She said it Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi addressing the leaders at the opening of the international peace summit in Cairo. Al-Sisi stressed the need to “establish negotiations that pave the way for a two-state solution.”

“We condemn in the strongest terms the targeting, killing or intimidation of all civilians,” he added. We renew our rejection of the forced displacement of Palestinians. Anyone who thinks that the Palestinian people want to leave their land is wrong.”

For the Egyptian president “we need to prevent the spread of the conflict which could put the stability of the region at risk, restart the peace process. We need a return to the negotiating table for a ceasefire and the application of the two-state solution which coexist peacefully side by side, in compliance with international law”..

“The Egyptians, one by one, are against the idea of ​​liquidating the Palestinian cause, this will never happen at the expense of Egypt – he added – This region destined to live in conflict for eternity? Isn’t this the time to find a solution?”.

Palestinian President Abu Mazen he reiterated: “We will never leave our land” and underlined “We want to state that we are against, and denounce, the killing of civilians on both sides and call for the release of hostages on both sides”. “The Palestinians – he added – face the aggression and hostility of the Israeli army, which violates the principles of international law, targeting hospitals, schools, refuge centers for civilians, homes. We denounce the danger of evacuating civilians from homes, from the West Bank and from Jerusalem, we will never accept it. From day one we have asked for this barbaric aggression to be stopped and for the opening of humanitarian corridors to allow aid to enter the Gaza Strip, but the government of Israel did not allow it.”

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres reported that in Rafah “I observed a humanitarian catastrophe. Beyond the border there are two million people, including children, who need aid. I am grateful to Egypt for the role it has played and I make an appeal to humanitarian truce”. He then underlined that “Palestinian rights are legitimate” and that “a two-state solution” is needed.

“It’s time to put an end to this nightmare that threatens children,” Guterres added. “The population of the Gaza Strip must do more to provide humanitarian aid. It is necessary to apply international law and avoid attacks on civilians, schools and hospitals.”

The two-state formula was also supported by the King Abdallah II of Jordan: “What Israel is doing in Gaza are war crimes, and the only solution is to recognize Palestine as its land. Attacking churches, killing civilians in Gaza and the West Bank, is collective punishment, a war crime. How even the siege that imposes hunger on civilians and deprives them of basic necessities, such as the internal or external transfer of Palestinians. Furthermore, it gives the idea that the application of international laws is optional. Finally, we glimpse the danger of a sectarian war. The only solution is to recognize Palestine as its own territory according to international laws”, concluded Abdallah II.

Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni is also taking part in the Cairo summit. She arrived in Egypt this morning and was welcomed at the airport by the Italian Ambassador to Egypt, Michele Quaroni, and the Egyptian Minister of Commerce, Hazem al-Beblawi.