Pedestrian area in Catanzaro, the political forces want to talk about it in the Council


By John

It should land in one of the next municipal councilshe discussion on the establishment of a permanent pedestrian area in the historic center, on a part of Corso Mazzini. In recent days this was also among the topics addressed in a conference of group leaders to plan the next sessions.
According to what emerged, the first meeting should focus on the disputes and crises that are affecting important health and social-health facilities for the regional capital, such as the Sant’Anna Hospital and the non-profit Betania Foundations. The political forces have intervened on several occasions to ask for interventions that meet the requests of employees, worried about their future, but also, and above all, to allow these realities of the capital to be put in a position to return to “walking” giving responses to the needs of a vast territory.
The Municipality has no direct responsibility for such crises but it could exert, through its own forum, useful institutional pressure. The assembly led by the president Gianmichele Bosco it should then be discussed in a subsequent session on the pedestrian area, a central topic of recent weeks. The idea of ​​the Fiorita administration is to establish a permanent pedestrianization between Piazza Grimaldi and Piazza Santa Caterina. For this reason it also started a discussion with traders who asked for actions aimed at avoiding inconveniences and guaranteeing accessibility to the historic center also through new mobility.