Penalty from Samardzic in the 104th minute, Udinese takes Empoli back. Frosinone's saving grace in Monza. Everything will be decided in the last 90'


By John

Udinese-Empoli 1-1

NETWORKS: 45'st Niang (rig), 59'st Samardzic (rig).
UDINESE (3-5-1-1): Okoye 6; Perez 6, Bijol 5.5, Kristensen 6; Ehizibue 5.5 (10'st Ebosele 6), Walace 6 (42'st Zarraga sv), Payero 6, Kamara 5.5 (42'st Ferreira sv), Samardzic 7; Success sv (7'pt Brenner 5; 10'st Davis 6); Lucca 5. On the bench: Tikvic, Kabasele, Giannetti, Palma, Zemura, Abankwah, Pereyra, Pejicic, Padelli, Mosca. Coach: Cannavaro 6.
EMPOLI (3-5-2): Caprile 6; Bereszynski 6 (14'st Walukiewicz 6), Ismajli 6, Luperto 5.5; Gyasi 6, Maleh 6.5, Grassi 5.5 (35'st Marin 6), Bastoni 5.5 (14'st Fazzini 6), Pezzella 6; Cancellieri 6.5 (35'st Cambiaghi 6.5), Cerri 6 (30'pt Niang 7). On the bench: Goglichidze, Cacace, Zurkowski, Kovalenko, Destro, Caputo, Shpendi, Seghetti, Perisan. Coach: Nicola 6.5.
REFEREE: Guide to Torre Annunziata 5.
NOTE: sunny afternoon, soil in excellent conditions. Empoli's sporting director, Accardi, was sent off in the 56th minute for protests. Booked: Grassi, Perez, Bastoni, Ismajli, Gyasi, Marin, Fazzini. Angles: 5-5. Recovery time: 5', 5'+9'.

Monza-Frosinone 0-1
9' pt Cheddira.
MONZA (4-3-2-1): Sorrentino 6.5; Birindelli 5 (34' st Pereira sv), Izzo 5 (1' st D'Ambrosio 5), Pablo Marì 5, Kyriakopoulos 5 (1' st Zerbin 5.5); Bondo 5 (1' st V. Carboni 6), Pessina 5, Gagliardini 5; Colpani 6, Mota Carvalho 5.5 (20' st Caprari 5.5); Djuric 5.5. On the bench: Mazza, Gori, Donati, Caldirola, Akpa Akpro, Colombo, Ferraris, Vignato. Coach: Palladino 5.5.
FROSINONE (3-4-2-1): Cerofolini 6; Lirola 6.5, Romagnoli 6.5, Okoli 6.5; Zortea 6, Barrenechea 6 (41' st Reinier sv), Brescianini 6, Valeri 6.5; Soulè 6.5 (45' st Baez sv), Harroui 6.5 (27' st Gelli sv); Cheddira 6.5 (41' st Cuni sv). On the bench: Frattali, Palmisani, Marchizza, Kaio Jorge, Garritano, Ibrahimovic, Ghedjemis, Monterosi, Bonifazi, Mazzitelli, Lusuardi. Coach: Di Francesco 6.5.
REFEREE: Blacksmiths of Ravenna 6.5.
NOTE: Approximately 12,300 spectators. Booked: Bondo, Soulè, Gelli. Corners: 4-3 for Frosinone. Recovery: 2'; 6'.

Frosinone saves, winning 1-0 in Monza. First and important away win for Di Francesco's men, who will now only need a draw in their last home match against Udinese to have the mathematical certainty of remaining in Serie A (beyond the results of Verona and Empoli and the already relegated Sassuolo). Cheddira decided the race. It starts with a header from Djuric with a high ball (3'), Frosinone seems to control the situation, takes a corner which Okoli finishes just wide (7'). In the 9th minute the Ciociari scored with Cheddira making the most of an assist from Harroui. Monza seriously risks suffering a double, first with Harroui who (11') controls well but shoots badly, then (13') with Brescianini who doesn't connect. Frosinone shows motivation and personality. Valeri, in the 28th minute, serves Harroui again who, face to face with Sorrentino, wastes the opportunity to double the lead, keeping Monza afloat. Colpani then stops Okoli twice, saving the Brianza team again. Lirola, in the 35th minute, on the counterattack, shoots well but the ball is deflected to the back. Cheddira and Brescianini are unable to head a free kick from the omnipresent Harroui. Mota Carvalho deserves applause for his close on Brescianini 5' before the break. Sorrentino stops a shot from Harroui, in the 44th minute so Colpani, when Fabbri already has the whistle in his mouth to signal the end of the first half, hits the post squarely on Monza's only chance of the first half.
The second half opens with three changes in Monza and with Harroui continuing to look for Cheddira on the front line. The former player from Bari (8') focuses but slips at the moment of the shot and the ball goes out. In the 18th minute, Frosinone was still very close to scoring the second goal with a post from Soulè and a shot from Valeri, which went high. Then Valentin Carboni (37') has a jolt with some nice footwork and a high shot of nothing. In the final (43') neither Cuni nor Zortea managed to close out the match, so we had to wait until the 6th minute of added time to see Frosinone celebrate and Monza say goodbye to their fans for this season.