Giorgia Meloni: “No to gender theory in schools and to those who want to encourage surrogate motherhood”


By John

«We will oppose those who want to question the family, as a pillar of our society, and those who want to introduce gender theory into schoolsto those who intend to favor inhumane practices such as surrogacy» because “no one will ever convince me that allowing rich men to buy the bodies of poor women, or choosing their children as if they were supermarket products” can be defined as progress.

Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni says this in a video link to the Vox event in Madrid and then adds that «it is not progress, it is obscurantism, and I am proud that the Italian parliament is approving, on the proposal of the Brothers of Italy, a law that wants to make the rented womb a universal crime, that is, prosecutable in Italy even if committed abroad”.