Pentagon: Russia has launched a “counter-space” weapon. Moscow: no intention to change borders in the Baltic


By John

Russia has launched what is likely a “counter-space” weapon that is now in the same orbit as a US government satellite. This was stated by Pentagon spokesman Pat Ryder. “On May 16, Russia launched a satellite into low Earth orbit which, in our opinion, is probably a counter-space weapon presumably capable of attacking other satellites in low Earth orbit,” Ryder told ABC News. “Russia has deployed this new counterspace weapon in the same orbit as an American government satellite,” he added. “Obviously, it's something we will continue to monitor.”

Moscow has denied the Pentagon's claim as “fake news”. according to which Russia would have launched a satellite that it defined as “probably a counter-space weapon”, placing it in the same orbit as a US satellite. “I don't think we should respond to any fake news spread by Washington,” said the deputy Russian Foreign Minister Serghei Ryabkov, quoted by Tass.

Moscow: no intention to change borders in the Baltic

Russia has no intention of changing its borders in the Baltic region, according to “a military-diplomatic source” cited by Russian agencies. “There is no intention to review the water depth, the economic zone or the continental shelf near the coast or the line of the Russian state border in the Baltic,” the source said. The clarification follows a document prepared by the Ministry of Defense, which was announced yesterday, aimed at revising the list of points for measuring the breadth of territorial waters off the Russian coast and the Baltic islands.