Pizzarotti surprises everyone and welcomes the M5S into the “United States of Europe” list with Renzi and Bonino. But it's an April Fool's joke


By John

“Today I can finally announce it! There has been talk for days that +Europa is in dialogue with Renzi, and that my point of view is to broaden this possible alliance. Given that according to some “we are Grillini forever”, I decided to also invite Giuseppe Conte to the table for the United States of Europe list. Conte accepted enthusiastically, making the candidacy of Rocco Casalino, leader of the South, the only condition. In the next few days there will be a press conference with Giuseppe Conte, Emma Bonino and Matteo Renzi to outline the contours of the initiative. A new front for a “stronger Europe”.

So a few minutes ago on Facebook with a post Federico Pizzarottiformer mayor of Parma and president of +Europa, evidently made fun of the controversies of the last few days with vitriolic statements involving him, Renzi and Bonino in view of the European elections of 8 and 9 June.