Roma clan in Catanzaro, 32 sent to trial


By John

32 people have been sent to trial as part of the investigation into the so-called Gypsy Clan. In the provision of the preliminary hearing judge Chiara Esposito there are the two faces of local entrepreneurship. On the one hand there are those who move on the tenuous border “between complacent contiguity and an underlying contiguity”, on the other there are those who courageously denounce the continuous harassment suffered by the exponents of Roma crime.

The names

This is the list of people indicted: Antonio Abbruzzese 27 years old, Antonio Abbruzzese 50 years old, Cesare Amato 57 years old, Damiano Berlingiere 46 years old, Francesco Berlingieri 28 years old, Rosario Domenico Berlingieri 28 years old, Vincenzo Berlingieri 79 years old, Francesco Michael Bevilacqua 28 years old, Marco Bevilacqua 35 years old, Mirko Bevilacqua 29 years old years, Patrizio Bevilacqua 41 years, Silvana Bevilacqua 49 years, Rocco Candiloro 53 years, Antonio Caroleo 23 years, Alessandro Catanzariti 39 years, Stefano Cavalieri 35 years, Giovanni Floro Lorenzo 49 years, Rosa Mannolo 28 years, Francesco Marinaro 40 years, Leonardo Mazza 31 years old, Antonio Paradiso 61 years old, Andrea Passalacqua 24 years old, Antonio Passalacqua 49 years old, Cosimo Passalacqua 44 years old, Daniele Passalacqua 33 years old, Donato Passalacqua 71 years old, Francesco Passalacqua 26 years old, Marco Passalacqua 27 years old, Pino Passalacqua 36 years old, Daniele Veneziano 30 years old, Francesco Veneziano 32 years old, Pierino Veneziano 44 years old. The trial for them will begin on May 8th in the Court of Catanzaro.

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