Pizzo, the Anile school protagonist with the “Incontri” project together with Fausto Vitaliano


By John

For the third consecutive year, the A. Anile secondary school in Pizzohas joined in collaboration with the Streusa bookshop, al Meetings project with the author of Feltrinelli Editore. The project is based on the belief that reading a book with the prospect of meeting the person who wrote it adds something extra to reading. Approaching a book with the perspective of being able to interact with the person who wrote it transforms reading into an unforgettable experience for students and at the same time brings them closer to the major issues of current affairs or helps them to better understand themselves. In fact, the novels read throughout our lives build the path of each of us. Some make us stumble and falter, while others take us by the hand and lead us far away. There are those who wonderfully push us off track, others who help us go fast, and still others who suggest a break. Precisely starting from these beliefs, the professors in charge of the project, Luciana Cordì, Francesco Murmura and Gabriella Turcarolo, proposed to their children (first and second classes) to read a mystery by the Calabrian-born but Milanese-adopted author, Fausto Vitaliano.

The chosen novel, Murder in the Castle, was read during the school year also in moments that saw shared reading between children belonging to different classes. Yesterday the meeting with the author aroused the students' enthusiasm and curiosity. Vitaliano, a prolific author who collaborates with publishing houses of national importance and has written comics and cartoons for Disney and Rainbow, with his ironic and engaging style won their attention by involving them in a lesson on how to write a mystery novel. At the end of his speech, there were many questions that the children decided to ask him. The final signing of copies is inevitable. The meeting was made possible thanks to the synergy of the entities that operate in the area, first and foremost the school, the Omnicomprehensive-SSIG A.Anile institute, which promoted this initiative, the municipality of Pizzo which granted free access to of the premises of the House of Culture, and the Streusa bookshop, in particular Erica Tuselli and Nancy Valente, who with their preparation and knowledge made it possible to create this event.