Serious accident in Barcelona, ​​car hitting guard rail: 18 year old with a reserved prognosis in Messina


By John

Serious accident, apparently independent, on the Via Statale Sant'Antonio, in the urban stretch that leads from the western outskirts of the city to the Termini bridge. For reasons not yet clear a young man of 18 years oldoriginally from Mazzarrà and resident in the Sant'Antonio district of Barcellona, ​​driving an old model Fiat Punto, which came from Terme Vigliatore, after having traveled along the Patrì slip road, he would have lost control of the car. In fact, he first ended up in the opposite lane, continuing against hand with part of the car off the road: immediately afterwards, still remaining in the overtaking lane, the car careened against the guard rail barrier in a sort of spin. The guard rail pierced the bodywork, so much so that the barrier itself, which was torn down following the impact, remained stuck inside the car, risking piercing the young man who was driving.

The driver, suffering from multiple traumas due to the effects of the impact or the repeated crashes against the guard rail which pierced the car longitudinally, remained stuck in the passenger compartment. Once extracted, the young man was transferred by air ambulance to the Messina Polyclinic with a reserved prognosis.