Plane crash in Sibari, the aircraft crashed due to excessive load


By John

The causes of the plane crash, which occurred in the Cassano skies and in which two people from Vercelli lost their lives, have been made known after four years – contained in a detailed technical report.
The accident was caused by the loss of control of the aircraft in flight during a turn and due to the excessive weight of the excessive fuel on board. These are the causes that led, in August 2020, to the crash of the Aviamilano p19 Scricciolo, a single-engine aircraft from the 60s on which Tonino Greppi and Roberto Savio were traveling, two men from Vercelli, expert pilots, aged sixty-eight and sixty-six at the time.
The accident occurred in the countryside of Contrada Murate di Cassano just after leaving the “Sibari Fly” airstrip to return to Piedmont.
This was certified by the final report, published in recent days and drawn up by Ansv, the National Agency for Flight Safety, which puts an end to the safety investigation decided a few days after the accident to the aircraft which occurred almost four years ago.
In the seventeen pages of the investigation report, the technicians noted the results of all the specific checks decided and possible taking into account the fact that the aircraft was completely destroyed by the flames after the impact.