Province of Catanzaro, the 2023 accounts in the Council: the deficit is over 36 million euros


By John

The 4.5 million euros will be needed announced a few days ago by the Undersecretary of the Interior Wanda Ferro as a share of the “fund” allocated by the Ministry of the Interior to the Provinces in financial difficulty or in rebalancing. Just a few hours before the announcement, with a resolution signed by the Vice President of the Province Francesco Fragomelethe outline of the management report for the year 2023 had in fact been approved and will soon be submitted to the Provincial Council for examination and which reports, as an administrative result, a “minus” sign amounting to over 36 million euros. This is – precisely -36,353,326.81 euros – the sum that comes out by adding to the administrative deficit of 7.9 million euros the figures relating to the restricted funds (14.7 million) and those set aside (12.6). Comparing it with the financial statements of the financial years of the last few years, it emerges that the administrative result has nevertheless decreased by approximately 3 million euros compared to 2022, which in turn had decreased by a further 3 million compared to the 42 certified for 2021. The current deficit figure corresponds approximately to that which was recorded in 2020, in light of which the following year the Council decided to resort to the multi-year financial rebalancing procedure.