“Plots”, together to weave legality. The thirteenth edition of the Lamezia Festival is underway


By John

The thirteenth edition of Trame Festival begins in Lamezia Terme, the usual appointment with guests, books, performances, meetings, documentaries on the world of anti-mafia. A particularly rich edition, the one in progress, which will fill the places in the center of Lamezia until Sunday and which aims to raise public awareness on the issues of legality through culture and memory. «To future memory», this is precisely the subtitle of this year’s edition, a direct homage to the Sicilian writer Leonardo Sciascia. The Piazzetta di San Domenico was thus packed, starting from the moment of the inauguration which saw on the parterre the president of the Trame Foundation, Nuccio Iovane, the artistic director Giovanni Tizian and then the guests Lorenzo Canova and Pietro Folena, of the Metamorfosi Association , the director of the Lamezzo Archaeological Museum, Simona Bruni, the undersecretary of the Ministry of the Interior, Wanda Ferro, and again Bruno Corda, director of the Confiscated Assets Agency, the mayor of Reggio Calabria, Giuseppe Falcomatà, the mayor of Lamezia Terme, Paolo Mascaro and Claudio Quaternato, Project Manager of the CDP Foundation.
The ribbon cutting for the exhibition “Visioni Civiche. Returned art” in which, in the premises of the Archaeological Museum, 44 works of art confiscated from organized crime and returned to the community are exhibited. President Iovane is proud of the strategies implemented so that «through the exhibition we can also make many visitors aware of the other stable beauties of this museum, promoting the territory and its cultural potential». Art as a “tool of civic education”, as well as care for the soul, is the motto of director Bruni, who has no doubts on the topic: “Museums are points of legality in the territory and to do this job the construction of these networks are really important.” Wanda Ferro also offered auspicious words, for that type of cultural commitment that “testifies to the lives of those who fought crime and who suffered it”.

And so we get to the heart of things, among many enthusiastic young people, who bring fresh air to the center of Lamezia, the volunteers who give a considerable contribution of energy, and then the press, always present and numerous. In the debate «The courage of every day» the vice-president of Notice Pubblico, Michele Abbaticchio, Giuseppe Politanò of Notice Public Calabria and the mayor of Villa San Giovanni, Giusy Caminiti, spoke, while in the evening we got to the heart of yet another new tragedy of migrants, off the coast of Roccella Jonica, during the well-attended meeting on «Humanity and Hospitality in the era of cynicism», with Don Giacomo Panizza of the Comunità Progetto Sud, Filippo Miraglia of Arci Nazionale, Enzo Infantino of Resq Calabria and Leonardo Palmisano , author of the book «ItaliApertheid».

Meeting which also presented the performance – heartfelt and applauded – of the intercultural theater “FILI”, which reinterpreted the song “Take and eat everyone” by Erri De Luca, curated by Progetto Sud and InRete Cooperativa Sociale.
Again, the rich first evening of Trame13, with the magistrate Giuseppe Spadaro, in dialogue with Giovanni Tizian on «Caivano, Italy: Between repression and prevention» and, in closing, for «Trame in musica», the president of the Calabria Region, Roberto Occhiuto, together with Antonino De Masi, a well-known entrepreneur under guard, presented the latter’s project, «Favuriti», an innovative tool for the culture of legality, hospitality, humanity, pride in being Calabrian.
Closing in music with the performance of Francesca Prestia together with the “G.Scerra” Youth Wind Orchestra of Delianuova directed by Gaetano Pisano. We continue today with many appointments.

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