Failure to approve budgets: 147 municipalities in Sicily placed under police administration


By John

Commissionerships begin for 147 Sicilian municipalities that have not yet approved the 2024/2026 budget forecast. The councilor for local authorities, Andrea Messina, signed the provisions appointing the ad acta commissioners who will have to ensure that the essential economic planning tool is adopted to authorize the expenditure of local authorities. This is a necessary and obligatory replacement intervention by the Region since the approval of the budget by the City Council allows the Municipalities to plan the activities and services to offer their citizens over the three-year period.

The appointment of ad acta commissioners is the extreme act we had to resort to after having attempted, in all possible ways, to stimulate the Municipalities to adopt the budget estimates with the ordinary procedures, i.e. through the proposal of the Council and the approval of the Council – underlines the regional councilor for local authorities, Andrea Messina -. The deadlines set by the law have been largely exceeded and, with them, also the additional window that we have set up through the Department offices to verify any inconsistencies between the information held by the regional administration and the actual political-administrative activity carried out. Citizens deserve respect and efficient services.”

Before taking office the commissioners will once again ascertain the status of the proceedings and, only in the event of verified non-compliance, they will take office with the legitimacy to carry out all the activities required by law for the approval of the financial statements, replacing the non-compliant bodies and requesting, where lacking, the opinion of the economic-financial audit body.