Pnrr Funds, Calabria is the first region in Italy to invest in oil mills


By John

Calabria is the first region in Italy to start investments with Pnrr resources intended for the modernization of oil mills. This is confirmed by the publication, on the institutional portal (Agriculture Department section), already in recent days, of the definitive ranking of the tender (published at the end of 2023) aimed at supporting the olive-growing supply chain, which by its identity vocation and economic and environmental value has always been essential for the growth of the region: Calabrian olive growing, characterized by the presence of more than 100 different varieties grown on over 24% of the total agricultural surface used, constitutes a treasure of biodiversity, enriched by PDO and PGI, with 70,000 hectares of organic cultivation and a production that Calabria is the second most productive region in the country, thanks to the approximately 700 oil mills operating in the area.

“In our land – underlines the regional councilor for agriculture, Gianluca Gallo – olive growing represents a piece of history, but also an engine of economic, environmental and cultural development to be supported and indeed strengthened, to promote quality and competitiveness through measures that allow the protection and expansion of the sector”.

Hence the choice of also use the resources made available by the Pnrr, equal to 16,567,725.31 euros, to increase the sustainability of the production process with the introduction of machinery and technologies capable of improving the environmental performance of the extra virgin olive oil extraction activity olive, as well as reducing the generation of waste and promoting its reuse for energy purposes. Also noteworthy is the obligation to follow training courses on the production and tasting of Evo oils.

Following the definition of the rankings, the Agriculture Department announces, the procedure for notifying the beneficiaries of the projects admitted and financed has already begun – also in this case, well ahead of the other regions. To guarantee funding also for requests judged worthy but lacking – at the moment – coverage, the Region has taken action to intercept additional resources.

We have already formally requested another 5 million – underlines Councilor Gallo – immediately obtaining 1. For the other 4, which would allow the realization of all the positively evaluated projects, there are concrete possibilities of being able to receive them, as emerged from the official discussions. We are confident and will continue to work for the protection and growth of Calabrian olive growing“.