«Pnrr remodulated, but projects saved». Ferro reassures the Calabrian municipalities


By John

«None of the projects developed by the Municipalities over the course of these months will be lost». Wanda Ferro, Calabrian undersecretary of Fratelli d’Italia, tries to throw water on the fire of the controversies raging in Calabria. The proposal to remodulate the Recovery and Resilience Plan, as underlined by the Southern Gazette in recent days, could lead to the shelving of some initiatives – heterogeneous among them – on which the local administrations had invested a lot. According to data analyzed by the Openpolis foundation, Calabria would lose around one billion in funds already allocated which would have to be recovered at a later time and in ways that the minister Raffaele Fitto he did not clarify. For this region the penalties would concern, in particular, the province of Reggio Calabria: 333.79 million defunded, then followed by Cosenza with -274.87 million and Catanzaro with -135.85. In Vibo almost 100 million less and in Crotone -61. Hence the need to find alternative resources to avoid being left with procedures started, projects defined but without the necessary economic coverage.
On the specific point, however, Ferro tries to sweep away fears of all sorts: «The alarm raised in recent days about the defunding of interventions, in particular concerning small municipalities, is unfounded, because at the moment no funding has been revoked. The decree of the Minister of Economy and Finance of 6 August 2021 with subsequent amendments, with which the Pnrr resources were assigned for all interventions, has never been modified and is therefore in force. The Meloni government and Minister Fitto have repeatedly reiterated that once the remodulation process of the Pnrr with the European Commission has been completed, economic support will be guaranteed for the works that will be excluded from the Plan”.