Pnrr resources cut in the Center-South? MIT replies: “No work will be canceled”


By John

None of the works envisioned in the Pnrr inherited from the current government will be cancelled. At most, they will be financed with other funds to respect the agreements with Europe and ensure the implementation of the infrastructure. This is what has been amply clarified, on several occasions, both by this dicastery and by the deputy prime minister and minister Matteo Salvini “. Thus in a note the MIT tries to clarify the funds foreseen for some infrastructures which, according to Repubblica, would have passed from the Center-South to the works of the North.

“Salvini himself – continues the note – is determined to create the stable connection between Calabria and Sicily: it will bring benefits to the whole country and at least 100,000 jobs in the South alone. It is therefore ridiculous to accuse him of lacking attention to the South. Yet, in In the last few hours we have witnessed yet another campaign of lies which will be judged in the appropriate forums.Moreover, it is reiterated that the MIT itself has ensured that it will use European funds and indeed has said it is available to manage other ones, for example to strengthen the redevelopment plan of the houses and suburbs. An important goal from North to South, after decades of scarce investments”.