Big fires between Vibo, Pizzo and Briatico: the railway was also blocked. People out of their homes for hours


By John

Big fires between Vibo, Pizzo and Briatico. Rail traffic was interrupted in Vibo Pizzo and some homes were threatened. In one area the firefighters are having difficulty reaching houses and the police are trying to arrive on foot. The flames have been enveloping the coast for over 24 hours. In Briatico a car was also on fire in a car park and a fire in the toll booths caused the trains to be blocked.

There are 5-6 families who have been away from home for about three hours. The fire broke out on multiple fronts. About 50 people poured into the street on the former 522 on the border between Pizzo and Vibo Marina. Among these are the spouses Anna and Francesco Romano together with Pino Grandinetti. In addition to the firefighters, the carabinieri of the Pizzo station with commander Marco Failla were on site. Flames a stone’s throw from a villa in Villamena between Pizzo and Vibo Marina. Here we expect help to arrive at any moment. A tourist village is also a few meters from the flames. The mayor of Pizzo, Sergio Pitittois in contact with the Prefecture of Vibo.