Poor service at Botricello post office, strong protest by the mayor


By John

An obsolete ATM and continuous poor service, with exasperation of citizens and lack of response to the continuous reports of the Municipal Authority. This is the condition in which the Post Office of Botricello finds itself, sparking the Mayor’s strong protest Saverio Simone Puccio. In a note sent to Poste Italiane and, for information, to HE the Prefect of Catanzaro Henry RicciMayor Puccio who highlighted that “for about two years we have been trying to communicate with the Offices and with the representatives of Poste Italiane in an attempt to seriously and concretely address the very serious deficiencies that are recorded in the Botricello Post Office. Despite the absolute absence of Poste Italiane, the Office represents a point of reference for an entire district and the approaching summer season further aggravates the existing shortcomings”. In particular, the Mayor explained that he has “repeatedly reported the total inadequacy of the ATM which can be compared to a useless relic, to the point that there are more days in which it is broken than in which it is operational. Suffice it to say that, when it is functioning, a single operation requires a long time to be completed given that the device is totally obsolete”.

The Mayor recalled several issues: “After the initiative for the “Polis” project held in Rome, this Administration offered, in writing, its availability to invest in the Post Office area to create an adequate and suitable meeting place. No response was ever provided despite several communications to dozens of addresses of Poste Italiane representatives, forcing this body to move the funds to another public initiative.. Even the request to start a dialogue about the structure that houses the Post Office, owned by the Municipality – he added – was ignored. In addition to the various Pec sent, there were multiple phone calls with various officials of Poste Italiane, but nothing happened after the verbal reassurances”.

Puccio stated that “the situation of the Italian Post Office services, in a centre of primary importance such as Botricello, is absolutely unacceptable, just as the attitude held by the Italian Post Office representatives towards a Public Institution towards which they should have greater respect is not respectful”. In this context, the Municipal Administration stressed that they are “no longer willing to tolerate a similar condition, for which it is advised that without an adequate, urgent and concrete response to the problems highlighted, we will be forced to start a series of actions, legal and protest, to protect the Institution and the entire population. In this context, which has been going on for years – he concluded – it is impossible to continue to mediate with the population that is exasperated by similar attitudes, with continuous complaints both towards the Post Office staff, absolutely blameless, and towards this Institution”.