Pope Francis raises the alarm: “Don’t use migrants as ping pong”


By John

«There have been very bad cases where migrants like ping pong, they went backwards and we know that many times they end up in concentration camps, they end up even worse than before.” The Pope said this in the press conference on the papal plane. To the journalist who asked if his appeals for ten years had failed, the Dad he replied: «I don’t think so, I will say that growth has gone slowly today there is awareness of the migration problem, there is awareness that it has reached a point, like a hot potato that no one knows how to take it».
The Pope reiterated that in the concentration camps “it is the reign of terror”, they are slaves” and “we cannot send them back like a ping pong ball without seeing things”. «Migrants must be welcomed, accompanied, promoted, integrated».

The Ukrainian question

«This war is a bit affected not only by the Russian and Ukrainian problem but to sell weapons, the arms trade», «the investments that give the most income are the weapons factories, that is, the factories of death», he continued. the Pope. «We must not play with the martyrdom of this people, we must help resolve things in the best possible way», «in wars the real is the possible, not to have the illusion that tomorrow the two warring leaders will go to eat together », «do everything we can until we get there».
The Pope added: «Now I have seen that some countries take a back seat, that do not give up their weapons, a process begins where the martyr will be the Ukrainian people. This is certainly a bad thing.” On this phrase, the director of the Vatican press office, Matteo Bruni, explained to journalists: “A paradoxical reasoning: if a country continues to give you weapons you convince yourself that you can win and then when they take them away you find yourself in trouble.”