Port System Authority of Messina, Floridia (M5S) thanks and praises Mega: “With you in excellent hands”


By John

At the end of Mario Mega’s term as president of the System Port Authority, praise arrives from M5S senator Barbara Floridia who dedicates a post to him on social media

The post

“It was December 17, 2018 when, together with all the national and regional parliamentarians of the Movement, we met at the Hall of Flags of the Municipality of Messina to announce that we had managed to get the establishment of the Strait Port System Authority approved. A success and a revolution for the entire area of ​​the Strait of Messina. Already at the time we were very clear about how important it was that this body, which had been stolen from the city of Messina to merge it with that of Gioia Tauro, was present in the city and, indeed , would not only deal with the Sicilian territory but also with the Calabrian one, also in order to create the conditions to guarantee territorial continuity between Sicily and the peninsula. Many things have happened since then, and some of the conquests achieved have unfortunately been swept away by the governments Meloni. Among these, as some of you will remember, there was one that would have significantly improved everyone’s lives in a short time, namely the forecast of an investment of over 500 million to make the dynamic crossing of the strait more efficient, through the purchase of new hydrofoils and ships. Of all this, since we talked about the Bridge there has been no news or planning and those resources have probably been allocated elsewhere. But so much remains. And we owe a lot to President Mario Mega, who today concludes his mandate with the nomination of a new commissioner by the Right. I remember the works already contracted for 80 million, while in 2024 and 2025 works for another 100 million will be started. Only a few days ago, however, the news of the awarding of the tender for the construction of the new Cruise Terminal, which will further strengthen the success achieved in the field of cruise tourism, certifies that Messina has been certified among the main Italian cities by number of cruise passengers in transit, over half a million in 2023 and with an expectation of over 600 thousand in 2024. Not to mention the grounding of the electrification project of the docks of Messina, Reggio Calabria and Milazzo, which will give a green twist to our ports, allowing the engines to be turned off and the consequent significant reduction in emissions and atmospheric pollutants in the port areas, including including particulates and nitrogen oxides. And of the precious forestation in the Giammoro area. This and much, much more was done by a foreign President, who arrived quietly and was chosen exclusively for his abilities, who in recent years has managed to weave a fruitful dialogue with the citizens and with all the port workers. But allow me, as a Messina native, to tell you that of all the great work done by President Mega, my greatest pride can only go to the works, already started and which will soon be completed, of redevelopment of the waterfront in the areas of the former Fair . Spaces that will be returned, as is right, to the citizens who for decades have suffered the closure and abandonment of one of the most beautiful areas of the city, which overlooks the Madonnina della Lettera. Finally, thanks to the firm will of the Movement and the work of President Mega and the entire System Authority, Messina will rediscover one of its most precious beauties. Thank you President Mega, good wind.”