Power to the Catanzaro People: “The city council ignores our agenda on Palestine”


By John

“In December 2023 we formally registered our agenda with which we asked that the City Council, the Mayor and the Council discussed the situation in Palestine and take a stand for peace and an immediate ceasefire, in the wake of what has already happened in many Italian cities. In the meantime Two municipal councils were held but our proposal was not brought to the attention of the civic assembly“.

This is what we read in a note released by Power to the People, Catanzaro section

“Well. In these hours in Gaza the number of dead has exceeded 28,000 (and it is not known how many thousands may still be buried in the rubble of bombed houses) and among these 12,000 are children; almost all of the houses and infrastructure have been destroyed or in any case put out of use by the bombings; UN refugee centers and hospitals were deliberately hit in which, moreover, essential medicines were missing and even children were forced to amputate without anesthesia. Despite all this in Catanzaro the representatives of the popular will are silent .
A genocide is underway in Palestine, as the whole world cries out without respite, as South Africa courageously stated in asking for the condemnation of Israel before the International Court of Justice. International Court of Justice – historically very cautious and prudent in its judgments – which had to recognize on January 26th that there is sufficient evidence to evaluate the accusation of genocide and that Israel’s military operations have caused an enormous number of deaths and injuries , massive destruction and displacement of the population. Despite all this, in Catanzaro the representatives of the popular will are silent.

Ultimately, the Mayor, President of the City Council, Council and Council believe that in the city’s highest democratic assembly, the fate of the Palestinians does not deserve any word and is not worthy of consideration equal to that of the fate of the beach resorts or off-balance sheet debts. Yet they had presented the people’s festival with great fanfare, with institutional representatives showing off the Palestinian Keffiyeh through the streets of the city, telling us how much solidarity they had with the people of the southern hemisphere! Simply cynical propaganda! How many deaths exceeds the threshold of indignation? And that of shame? Why doesn’t the Mayor – who even had the civic flag lowered to half-mast for Berlusconi’s death – say a single word of condemnation against the enormous massacre of Palestinian civilians, the Council and the City Council? We believe that this repeated silence is an expression of a precise determination. Today, in fact, those who say nothing side with the Zionist massacres and are complicit in their misdeeds and the crimes against humanity that they are committing. And he consciously remains silent on the apartheid regime implemented by Israel against the Palestinians, as denounced by Amnesty International. We thought it was right to inform the citizens of Catanzaro of what happened and to reiterate that there is silence when children sleep, not when they die! And we will continue to shout our indignation!”