Press review 12-03-2024 Messina edition


By John

In this video some of the main titles of our newspaper, Messina-Sicily edition, edited by Salvatore De Maria. Below are the others that you can read in the newspaper on newsstands today


Schifani: the Bridge over the Strait of Messina is essential for Sicily

Hiring in Auxiliary Services Sicily, a chapter also for former Servirail and Ferrotel

Messina, new Don Blasco: another opening in April

This is how the soul of Messina is regained

Messina, loans at 600% interest: plea agreements for Venuti and Prugno rejected

S. Alessio Siculo, it was not a sale to evade tax: the entrepreneur Cucuzzella acquitted

Taormina, violent fire destroys two tankers

Having reached an agreement in the Prefecture, the local police of Capo D'Orlando revoke the protest