Cessaniti, tight controls. Searches and seizures


By John

We try to close the circle on threats and intimidation which affected the clergy and civil society. In this perspective I am several house searches were carried out by the military, who also seized some computers. Unconfirmed news, as maximum confidentiality continues to prevail among investigators. Likewise, targeted checks were also carried out on commercial activities; but on this front, there may be no connection and rather it may be a question of already scheduled checks; operations however ended with fines and suspension of licences.
Not only. To have an “open” view of the church of San Nicola (where the parish priest of Pannaconi also has his home) some young trees that covered the view were cut down. And the military structure is already operational to make the presence of the State “felt” strong. Already on Wednesday evening, there were several checkpoints at the crossroads that connect the Vibo/Cessaniti/Pannaconi axis, as well as mobile checkpoints around Cessaniti and the surrounding areas.

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