Press review 15-06-2024 Calabria editions


By John

In this video some of the main titles of our newspaper, Calabrian editions, edited by Salvatore De Maria. Below are the others that you can read in the newspaper on newsstands today


Abramo Customer at the closing credits, 800 people risk their jobs in Calabria
Young man missing due to white shooting in Corigliano Rossano, two on trial

Catanzaro, signs of recovery from tourism but foreigners are very few
The future of Catanzaro's healthcare has been mapped out, with an agreement on Dulbecco's corporate act
Lamezia, yet another fire in Scordovillo: piles of rubbish go up in smoke
Crotone, “Marine Park Village” to be demolished: team of lawyers and technicians at work
Elections in Vibo, the records of Corrado (the most voted) and Schiavello (historic poker). And towards the runoff… VIDEO INTERVIEWS
Red onion, 2024 is a completely different story for the farmers of Briatico. “Many things have changed” VIDEO

Cosenza, protests break out within the Democratic Party over the Palazzo dell'Edera
Cosenza, yet another vandalistic incursion into the planetarium
Students from Cosenza at the Invalsi test: Rende first of all, then Paola
Corigliano Rossano, technical tests of the Stasi bis junta PHOTO (11AM)
New 106 Sibari-Corigliano Rossano, unprecedented agreement between Papasso and governor Occhiuto
Castrovillari, the health district opens an oncology clinic
Acquaformosa, that fake chair thrown out of the window
Morano Calabro, collision between two vehicles on Provincial Road 241: a 30-year-old seriously injured

The 2020 municipal elections in Reggio? A tragicomic farce
Reggio, an open city council without a minority to once again reiterate the “no” to the Bridge
Bagnara, the medical guard is here. Actually no
Villa San Giovanni, the stops at the Cannitello railway station return after ten years
San Ferdinando, the filter barriers return to the mouth of the Mesima river