Price increases start again, petrol per service breaks through 2.5 euros


By John

Gasoline in served mode has already broken through the psychological ceiling of 2.5 euros per liter in some Italian distributors, with the aggravating circumstance that the new record prices are recorded not on motorways, where fuel prices are notoriously higher, but on ordinary network. This was revealed by Assoutenti, who analyzed the latest public prices communicated by the managers to Mimit and published on the ministry’s website. Checking the data released on the specific fuel price monitor and referring to the date of February 16, the association found that «some distributors sell green fuel at prices already above 2.5 euros per litre. This is the case, for example, of a pump located in Taranto, where petrol costs 2.537 euros per litre, diesel 2.447 euros/litre. Even in the province of Benevento, served petrol has exceeded 2.5 euros per litre, and is sold at 2.522 euros, while the highest price among those recorded goes to a distributor in the province of Palermo which, based on the latest data however, stopped at 15 February, it sold a liter of green at 2.565 euros, 2.495 euros/litre for diesel”. On the motorway network, as of 16 February, the most expensive petrol “is that sold on the A21 near Piacenza: 2,499 euros per litre”. «Today a full tank of petrol costs almost 5 euros more than at the beginning of the year, while for a full tank of diesel you spend 5.5 euros more. – denounces the president of Assoutenti, Gabriele Melluso – The real risk is that the new wave of increases at the pump leads to an inflationary spiral through an increase in the retail prices of goods that travel by road and which represent 88% of the goods sold in Italy”.