Prime Minister Meloni launches the spending-saving pact against inflation. “It’s a good message to the nation”


By John

“The anti-inflation quarter will begin on Sunday, October 1st, with the tricolor trolleythe shopping cart that is the one that most affects Italian families”, with food products but also consumer, hygiene and children’s products. This was stated by the Minister of Business and Made in Italy, Adolfo Urso, at the signing of Pact on the Anti-Inflation Quarter at Palazzo Chigi. “It is important that it starts on Sunday and that it includes the entire Christmas period”, for Urso, also “to honor a religious holiday to which we are particularly attentive”.

“This pact is a tool through which we work together to control prices on the main consumer goods. An initiative that goes beyond the economic value, it is a good message to the nation, to Italians, on the capacity that Italy has still in moments of difficulty to work together, to try to move as a community to achieve objectives”. Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni said this during the signing of the anti-inflation quarterly pact with businesses at Palazzo Chigi. The pact provides a basket of basic and consumer food products at reduced or controlled prices.

Meloni: “It’s the first government-business pact to control prices”

“I think it’s the first time that the entire Italian system, the food and consumer goods supply chain, has signed a pact with the government to keep the prices of the shopping cart under control, to help families, especially those in difficulty”, he said. said Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni.

“It is an initiative that is the result of a discussion that lasted several weeks, which brought a concrete result, and which demonstrates to the government that we are not alone when we have to face problems. Perhaps it also demonstrates to the productive world that there is a guide , that there is finally a government in this nation that knows how to listen and that has the humility to ask for a hand when complex situations need to be addressed, such as the inflationary spiral we are facing”, said the Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni.

“From the beginning – he added – we have worked to support the purchasing power of families, with the limited resources we have. We have concentrated those resources to help families, with many initiatives, including those relating to energy, cutting the contributory, up to the increase in the single allowance for children, the VAT cut on early childhood products, the increase in pensions, the super revaluation of minimum pensions, the card dedicated to you for the purchase of food , which has been extended to fuels. We have tried to support families above all in the face of the inflationary problem. And we have done so, and I support the political choice, by concentrating resources on medium-low incomes”.