Uncontrolled landings: 59 migrants arrived at the port of Roccella Jonica


By John

The landings of migrants at the port of Roccella Ionica show no sign of stopping despite the terrible sea conditions. In the very early afternoon, at the conclusion of yet another rescue operation at sea carried out by the local Coast Guard soldiers, made even more dangerous due to the disturbance with rain and gusts of wind that hit the area, yet another arrival of 59 migrants, all of Pakistani nationality. Among the refugees there is also an entire family: husband, wife and a child of about 6 years old.

When they were intercepted at sea by the soldiers of the Coast Guard of Roccella Ionica, the migrants were on board a sailing boat of approximately 12 meters and with engines at half service, located approximately 30 miles away from the coast. According to what some refugees reported, the vessel left the coast of Turkey about six days ago.

After an initial check by the police and health personnel, the migrants, on the orders of the Prefecture of Reggio Calabria,They were temporarily placed in the tensile structure set up in the port and managed by the Red Cross and the Civil Protection.

This latest landing is the 44th since the beginning of the year for a total of over 4 thousand people arriving in the infrastructure alone.