Province of Cosenza, Forza Italia first to file the list


By John

Everyone at work. Until late last night. Some closed in party secretariats, others engaged in traveling meetings. The deadline for submitting lists for the renewal of the Provincial Council, scheduled for December 20th, expires today at noon.
The political forces belonging to the center-right and center-left alignments have used all the time available to square the circle, between collection of signatures (at least 92 are needed) and selection of candidates, twelve in each grid, with 40% to be attributed to the pink quotas. According to rumors, there should be five lists ready to face each other to acquire as many seats as possible in Piazza 15 Marzo, where only the territorial representatives are elected, not the presidency, which remains in office two years longer than the civic assembly. The body is led, as is widely known, by the mayor of San Giovanni in Fiore, Rosaria Succurroan expression of Forza Italia.