Province of Cosenza, the year of challenges: Succurro is ready


By John

The long and exhausting wait before the official seal, the overload of expectations and anxieties, a provincial territory that must find its compass in the desert of poverty, the mother of all current emergencies in the South of the South of Italy. The new Province drawn by the ballot box is ready to get back to work. The president Rosaria Succurro he can’t wait to start again with a larger majority.
What will change in the distribution of delegations, what will be the assignment criteria?
«On December 28th there will be the first installation session of the new provincial council. It is unfortunate that once again the reform of the Provinces has not taken place, now emptied of powers and meaning and with only two subjects of competence: School buildings and Roads. As regards the criteria for assigning delegations, I will discuss it with the provincial secretaries of the parties, as I had already done previously, starting from the major electoral contributions. All the majority councilors will be delegates, as in the previous Provincial Council.”
We start with a confirmation: Lamensa vice president.
«I had a great time with him. We have established a political bond of mutual trust and loyalty. I will also talk about the vice presidency with Fratelli d’Italia, who is a serious, credible ally and with whom I have excellent relations, as does my party, Forza Italia. Therefore we will dialogue together, always with loyalty, respect and team spirit.”