Psc in Catanzaro, “completion areas to be defined”. The League presents the first observations


By John

He proposes one perimeter of the urban completion areas it’s a limits to forecasts of potential land use so as not to dramatically expand the local tax base. The League returns to the future municipal structural plan a few days after the approval of the preliminary document, which took place in the Council on December 28th.
The regional manager of the party’s environment and territory sector, Giuseppe Macrìand the provincial manager, Giuseppe Folinoput a series of observations on paper, starting from the need to delimit the areas of completion that have already been largely transformed and “limit building interventions in new territorial areas”. They propose the use of “a maximum of 10% of the areas affected by new land consumption, in coherence with the principle of protection of the agricultural-productive-environmental territory».

Also because, they underline, «expanding the urban or urbanizable areas will affect urban taxation, such as the IMU, in favor of the administration and with fixed charges for property owners who will be burdened already in the forecasting phase». For this reason they invite us to “limit the use of the territory, so as not to make money (IMU and other taxes) with useless and harmful expansive urban planning that contrasts with the principle of regeneration”.

Macrì and Folino argue that «the principle relating to the limitation of land resources in planning is not foreseen in the new PSC».