Bovalino, the three young people who harassed a homeless man have been identified and reported


By John

Three young people were reported for being the perpetrators of an episode of harassment on New Year’s Eve in Bovalino (Reggio Calabria): they harassed a North African citizen who was sleeping on the bench of the Ferrovie dello Stato station. First insulted, then glasses of water, the non-EU citizen was helped and refreshed by the Auser volunteers and by the Municipality of the Ionian centre, at the disposal of the mayor Vincenzo Maesano. The episode triggered an avalanche of protests on social media throughout Calabria, of solidarity with non-EU citizens and stances taken by institutions and individual citizens. In a press note, the Guarantor for Children and Adolescents of Calabria, Antonio Marziale, speaks of a “gratuitous cowardly gesture against a defenseless man”. Certainly – continues Marziale – the authors of the insane gesture are devoid of values. Having fun by throwing water on a poor person lying in the cold on a train station bench is certainly bullying, but above all boundless stupidity.”