Putin: “Peace in Ukraine when Russia has achieved its goals”


By John

Without defending its sovereignty there Russia it cannot exist. The president said it Vladimir Putin at the opening of the end-of-year press conference, which takes place simultaneously with the answers to citizens’ questions. The president added that his main objectives are “to strengthen Russia’s sovereignty, border security and citizens’ rights and freedoms.”

There peace in Ukrainehe added, there will be when Russia has “achieved its objectives”which remain the “denazification” and “demilitarization” of the country. Furthermore, the Russian army does not need a second wave of mobilization of reservists.

“It is not us who have ruined relations with the EU but them who have tried to overshadow us,” reiterated the Russian president, recalling his version that in 2014 in Kiev there was a “coup d’état in which the Americans claimed to have spent five billion dollars.”

«The tendency to get closer to our borders are the reasons for this tragedy», he added, «Europe remains silent in the face of this, we are in favor of relations with Europe but they do nothing and remain silent in the face of to the United States.”