Putin’s announcement: “Russia will continue to develop its nuclear weapons to maintain the balance of power in the world”


By John

Vladimir Putin has stated that Russia plans to continue developing its nuclear weapons «as a guarantee of strategic deterrence and balance of power in the world». Tass reports it.

In a meeting with graduates of the Russian military academies, Putin then declared that Moscow intends to increase supplies of “modern” weapons to Russian troops at the front: Tass supports this. “We will increase supplies of unmanned aerial systems of different types, armored vehicles and means of precision destruction, attack aircraft, enemy detection and counter-battery systems, control and communication systems to front-line troops,” he said According to the Russian state news agency, Putin is apparently referring to the invasion of Ukraine by the Kremlin military.

Russian President Vladimir Putin declared that Moscow is “ready” for “a broad international discussion” on security issues in Europe and Asia “including with European and NATO member states”. Tass reports it.