Vibo, center-right KO. Cosentino: “I’m going back to the Citadel”. Mangialavori: “Me uncommitted? Jokes” VIDEO


By John

I will return to the Citadelto carry out my work again at the service of the Calabrians”. Roberto Cosentino while the situation is still hot, he comments on the defeat he suffered in the run-off and makes official his non-participation in the City Council (Giuseppe Calabria of the Forza Vibo list should enter in his place).

“I have tried to convey to the citizens my idea of ​​politics and administration and we must respect the vote of those who have chosen something else. Democracy is beautiful for this. I am satisfied with what I put in and what I gave. I also tried to make myself known for what I am without forcing any kind of role interpretation: this is my victory. I believe that the coalition believed in my qualities from the beginning: in life and also in politics you need time to build a proposal, a path, a group. The fact that we arrived at the last moment paid off negatively. Nothing is improvised.”

Mangialavori: “Me unengaged in the election campaign? Jokes”

Also commenting on the negative result was the Forza Italia MP and president of the Budget Commission, Giuseppe Mangialavori: “We must acknowledge the fact that Vibo chose Enzo Romeo’s program, we certainly made some mistakes, but the victory is entirely Enzo Romeo’s. We will make an absolutely constructive opposition because we love Vibo and we will ensure that it is good of the city”. A Mangialavori who remained on the sidelines until the first round, only to then demonstrate both on social media and on public occasions a clear and clear conviction in the centre-right’s electoral proposal: “These are jokes because to campaign for an election you don’t necessarily have to make posts, However, the results of the people close to me are there for all to see. I ran the election campaign from the start knowing that it was impossible to win in the first round and therefore I absolutely cannot blame myself for anything.” Too often we have talked about the outgoing mayor Maria Limardo, about her positive work according to Mangialavori and many others. But even today it is not understood why she was not re-nominated and, above all, the message has been conveyed that it was she who wanted to take a step back. A message that perhaps disoriented the voters: “It certainly would have been crazy for me to say something different about Maria Limardo. We know very well the reasons that led Maria to back out and most likely it was our fault for not having renewed them trust. We say mea culpa, but then we went ahead with Cosentino: a candidate who put his all into it, we probably weren’t able to get the right message across to the citizens.”