“Radici” investigation: bankruptcy and threats aggravated by the mafia method, house arrest granted to Francesco Patamia from Gioia


By John

He was involved last year in the investigation coordinated by the Bologna DDA called “Radici”. Yesterday, the TDL granted house arrest to Francesco Patamia, originally from Gioia Tauro, accepting the request of the lawyers Domenico Putrino and Fausto Bruzzone. The suspect, accused of bankruptcy and threats aggravated by the mafia methodwas arrested in October 2022. Patamia, however, is still detained in the Voghera prison waiting for the Rome carabinieri to activate the control device with the electronic bracelet in his home.
The prosecutor’s office, according to what emerged from the investigations, considered him close to the Piromalli family of Gioia Tauro, because he had employed Giuseppe Maioloson-in-law of the boss Antonio Piromallito recover sums that some customers owed Patamia for its catering activities in the Cervia area.
The investigations began following the report of some traders. Patamia had also founded a political party, “We Moderates”, close to the centre-right, with which he ran. During the preliminary hearing on 3 October, the suspect underwent lengthy interrogation conducted by the DDA of Bologna. Following the interrogation, the lawyers Fausto Bruzzone and Domenico Putrino made a request to revoke the measure which, despite the favorable opinion of the DDA, had been rejected by the preliminary hearing judge. A request that was accepted today by the TDL which granted house arrest to Patamia, who from 23 February 2024 will have to face the trial before the Court of Ravenna.