Two sisters from Cassano Ionio protagonists at Affari Tuoi: Manuela and Simona win 35 thousand euros


By John

Manuela and Simona, two sisters aged 21 and 25 from Cassano Ionio (in the province of Cosenza), Pharmacy students. They were the great protagonists of this evening’s episode of Your business. A game played until the last breath with a “dream” in the drawer. That dream came true which led the two sisters to come close to winning 100 thousand euros. Everything had been foreseen in the dream made by the older of the two: the choice of numbers with the birth dates of the other sisters and brothers and impeccable gaming conduct until the end, even giving up the “doctor’s” offer of 45 thousand euros.

But in the end between the alternative of 0 euros and 100 thousand euros, Manuela and Simona chose to accept the last offer and take home 35 thousand euros. However, in their package, number 5, there was the 100 thousand euros.