Railways, RFI launches 26.8 million tender for the “Sibari link”


By John

Rete Ferroviaria Italiana (leader of the Infrastructure Hub of the FS Group) has launched the tender worth approximately 26.8 million euros for the executive design and construction of the PNRR works of the “Sibari Link”.

The intervention consists in the construction of a new electrified track of approximately 1 km partly in embankment and partly in viaduct, functional to the direct connection between the current Metaponto – Reggio Calabria and Cosenza – Sibari lines near the existing Sibari station.

Framed in the broader scenario of railway investments affecting the Calabria Region, including the electrification of the Sibari-Catanzaro Lido railway line, the project allows the extension of long-distance services towards the city of Crotone and important locations in the Jonica area of ​​Cosenza such as the Municipality of Corigliano-Rossano, with a reduction of up to 15 minutes in the travel time otherwise necessary in the absence of this “Bretella”.

Accessibility to railway services will therefore be promoted for the catchment area of ​​the provinces of Cosenza and Crotone (approximately 750,000 inhabitants) and the shift of a portion of traffic from road to rail in order to decongest the main Calabrian road arteries with positive effects also from an environmental point of view.