Railways, summit at the Cittadella between Occhiuto, RFI and the unions. Comparison on high speed and ionic line


By John

St was held this morning at the regional Citadel of Catanzaro on the topic of railway infrastructure in which the president of the Calabria Region took part, Roberto Occhiutothe general manager of Public Works, Claudio Moronithe manager of RFI with responsibility for investments in Calabria and Sicily, Marco Marchesemanagers and regional collaborators of RFi e the regional leaders of CGIL, CISL and UIL: Angelo Sposato, Tonino Russo and Mariaelena Seneseaccompanied by Category representatives.

The meeting had been requested in recent days by the trade unions, to take stock of investments, in particular for works relating to high speed and the electrification of the Ionian line. The meeting was useful for going into detail about the figures and projects of the works planned by RFI in Calabria starting from the situation relating to the future high-speed route. A fruitful discussion on important topics which, as has been highlighted by all parties, represent a crucial chapter for the growth of Calabria. Further comparisons will take place in the future, to follow consistency with the investment timetable illustrated by RFI.

This is what we read in a note from the Calabria Region.