They don’t let him enter Laura Pausini’s concert in Paris, he shoots 17 times


By John

A man fired a gun at the secondary entrance of the Accor Hotel Arena in Paris last night, after he was prevented from entering a Laura Pausini concert. No one was injured and the man was arrested. It was 8pm on Boulevard de Bercy when the individual showed up in front of the VIP entrance of the Accor Hotel Arena, where Pausini’s concert was scheduled.

Without a ticket or invitation, he was blocked and sent back by security agents. At that point, he headed towards the emergency exit, located a hundred meters from the entrance, pulled out a gun and opened fire several times against a glass door.

No one was around. The police intervened to bring him to his senses, the officers managed to make him put down the weapon before blocking him and taking him to the police station. The weapon, a 7.65 caliber semi-automatic, fired 17 shots.

Witnesses reported that the man was in an evident state of alteration and was speaking incoherent sentences on current affairs.