Reggina between expectation and hope. The team returns to training


By John

These are days of waiting towards the crucial steps for the future of Reggina. A phase that involves the whole environment, including the players who are under contract. The amaranth hope is to be able to take back that place in Serie B that the team has won on the field.
Training is expected to resume at the Sant’Agata sports center today, after the days of rest in which Inzaghi’s men were able to unwind a bit from a situation that was not easy to manage from every point of view.
The team is working towards next season without knowing what future awaits each individual professional. Also because the uncertainty about the future of Reggina is combined with that which derives from an announced change in company strategy and with the eventual one that would arise from a definitive exclusion of the club from the championship. Finding yourself without a contract at the end of August, with so many teams already formed, could be an unknown factor for many players.
Footballers are struggling with a work schedule that without organized friendliesmakes this phase certainly not comparable to a real pre-season training camp. Organizational problems and the possibility of relying only on a reduced organizational chart are also well-known issues.
All in the expectation that perhaps the new ownership of Manuele Ilari will be able to give some more certainty to a group that has had very few since the meeting, also due to the contingencies and situations that are there for all to see on the question of registration.
The good news is that, if nothing else, all the precariousness that can be seen around Reggina will not enter into the most important dynamics of the moment: those relating to the appeal to the Lazio Regional Administrative Court. Precisely tomorrow is the key date for the future of Reggina, with the hearing before the Administrative Court. The sentence is, therefore, ever closer and the expectation among the fans begins to be spasmodic.
The club hopes, through the appeal, to change the situation. Indeed, right from the start there was Reggina’s awareness that the transition to ordinary justice could represent an occasion in which there were greater possibilities of asserting one’s reasons.
The sentence that will arrive after the hearing, regardless of who will have obtained the desired outcome, will not lead to immediate readmissions to Serie B. For the final decision, in fact, it will be necessary to wait for the Council of State.
In fact, the appeals of those who will not be satisfied with the Tar’s sentences will arrive there. The date indicated at the moment is that of August 29, although a possible advance is assumed. A horizon that had also been designed for the same hearing at the TAR which will then, in reality, take place in any case on the day that had been anticipated for some time (August 2nd).
And, speaking of the departure of the cadet championship, the hypothesis that we can still start on August 18 with an X and a Y in place of the two missing teams takes effect. Matches that would not be played in the initial rounds would be made up at a later stage after readmissions.