Messina chasing the three pivots. The Argentinian Desàbato is also in the group


By John

“After having thought of the under-values ​​of absolute value, the company moves on to the definition of the negotiations entered into for the overs”: a line drawn in the Messina house, with the aim of reinforcing and fleshing out an evidently incomplete workforce. It is necessary to give “substance” to the skeleton of the workforce, inserting some key piecesthose of the central axis. Not easy in this market, they are waiting for the right opportunities, elements up to par but who also embrace the project, the team idea, who do not shoot high and then get to spend the winter.
So far, several profiles have been included that come “from below”, who want to demonstrate, who are thirsty for redemption. Lia and Polito on the wings, Frisenna in the middle, Cavallo, Emmausso and Luciani in front. And then Manetta, who forms an absolutely classy couple with Ferrara. Something will still be done behind it: at least one more over and probably also one under should arrive (it could be the aggregate, born in 2002, Matteo Darini) to “close” the sector numerically as well. Other young players on the sidelines, who could be chosen from among those currently in the group: like Lorenzo Tropea, 19, owned by Empoli who could loan him to the Giallorossi. Or Alessio Pedicone, born in 2002, currently free after his experience in Catania. Both left handed. “Material” is urgently needed especially in the median, a sector in which at the moment the only registered player is the aforementioned Frisenna. Aggregated to the group led by Giacomo Modica, there is the Argentine Leandro Luis Desábato, median of 33 years, a long career behind him between South America and Japan, where he played last season with the Vegalta Sendai shirt. So, for him, it would be his first experience in Europe: for the Acr, if he signed, he would instead be the experienced point guard in front of the defense which plays a crucial role in the 4-3-3 formation of the Mazara coach. In the past few hours the name of Marco Crimi, 33 years old, the last few seasons at Triestina has filtered through: however, no one has yet contacted the player. The knot tied to the “thoroughbred” Francesco Giunta, 24, has not yet been resolved, protagonist in the first friendly of the season against Sporting Caccuri with a goal scored. In San Giovanni in Fiore there is also the young Simone Buffa, released from Catania, born in 2001 who the technical staff is testing to eventually register him.
The point of reference is still missing up front, priority in the backbone together with the central defender and the midfielder. A choice not to be mistaken, which could catalyze a large part of the salary budget saved by the departure of Oliver Kragl. We are looking for a skilled profile in the construction phase but who is also capable of making the team score, opening passages for insertions, exploiting the movements of the wingers. Another sector in which something can still be done, net of the presence of the already contracted Ragusa, Ortisi and Iannone.