Reggina, everything easy against Castrovillari (3-1)


By John

Reggina-Castrovillari 3-1

Markers: 22' Izco own goal, 33' Renelus, 14' st Provazza, 48' st Palma

REGGINA (4-3-3): Velcea 6; Martiner 6.5, Kremenovic 6 (43' st Cham sv), Adejo 6, Zanchi 6 (1' st Perri 6.5); Salandria 6, Simonetta 6, Porcino 6 (36' st Parodi sv); Provazza 7 (28' st Lika sv), Bolzicco 5, Renelus 7 (28' st Marras sv). Available: Martinez, Mungo, Barillà, Belpanno. All. Trocin 6i

CASTROVILLARI (3-5-2):Patitucci 6.5; Cannino 5 (32' st Oproiescu sv), Aceto 5, Vottari 5 (39' Abennante 5); Izco 5, Conti 5.5 (12' Scognamiglio sv), Cosenza 6, Atteo 5.5, Anzillotta 5, (6' st Palma 6); Khoris 5.5, Nicoletti 5.5. Available: Oliva, Dimitrov, Jawara, Arrigucci, Monaco. Annex Boncore 5.5

Referee: Marco Giordano of Matera 6

Assistants: Alessandro Laurieri (Matera), Giuseppe Lentini (Milan)

Warned: Aceto, Zanchi, Nicoletti, Parodi

Reggina respects the odds and defeats Castrovillari at the Granillo. Clear 3-1 for the Amaranths against the Pollino team, for a result that is a faithful reflection of a match in which the difference in values ​​between the two teams emerged.

The three points allow the Amaranths to consolidate fourth place, while the Rossoneri have to postpone the resumption of their progress until matches with more suitable opponents.

After an initial phase of the match in which the guests managed to contain the advances of Trocini's men , everything changed after the goal that gave Reggina the lead. The 1-0 came thanks to a cross from the right by Martiner, which received an unfortunate deflection from Izco in an attempt to beat Renelus.

Finding themselves ahead in scoring, the Amaranth team began to play with great calm and collect scoring opportunities. The score at 2-0 was made by a wild Renelus who, after having covered sixty meters of the pitch and overtaking several opponents in speed, appeared alone in front of the opposing goalkeeper. The spectacular restart was finalized with a nice right-foot shot, which the goalkeeper Patitucci could do nothing with. The latter made several saves during the match, useful to prevent the score from becoming wider.

The double advantage with which the first half ended was much more than a guarantee on the home team's victory. In the second half Reggina continued to push, looking for a trio which arrived with Provazza doing well to turn a serve from Perri into a goal which put him in front of goal.

The only blemish of the day was the goal conceded in full stoppage time, with Palma who with a header following a corner set the score at the final 3-1. The Amaranths' third consecutive victory within the friendly walls is worth prompt redemption after the defeat against Trapani, in which the superiority of the Granata leaders over the Amaranths clearly emerged.