Spreading the local artistic and cultural heritage in an innovative way, the “Meta Hipponion” project starts in Vivo


By John

It is with great enthusiasm that the Vibo Technological Institute announces the launch of the Meta Hipponion project, an initiative that embodies the innovation, collaboration and commitment of the student community in serving its territory.
As stated by the Manager Maria Gramendola during the press conference presenting the initiative, the project was born from the vision of promoting an education that sees students putting into practice the skills acquired for the good of the community, integrating technology with the needs of teaching and the territory.
The idea emerged from the commitment of the IIS ITG – ITI Vibo Valentia, selected among the 52 schools in Italy, as part of the promotion of innovative teaching models, for financing its “Didactic Augmented” project. Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Virtual Reality (VR), the initiative aims to disseminate the local artistic and cultural heritage in an innovative way.
The first virtual experience, entitled “Meta Hipponion”, will begin on March 21st, involving the students of the second classes of the Garibaldi-Buccarell middle schooli, which will combine technology with teaching. The objective is to bring students closer to the culture of myth through the use of technological tools.
A union of Greek myths and ancient history which, together with augmented reality and coding, aims to demonstrate how AI can represent an opportunity for teaching. The project is also strongly combined with a service learning perspective, contributing to enhancing the artistic-cultural heritage of our territory.
The Institute's computer science professor, Onorato Passarelliillustrated, during the press conference, the process of the Meta Hipponion project which is divided into different phases, from the study of the myth and history of Hipponion to the creation of 3D finds, using photogrammetry and laser, up to the development of a app managed by the museum director, Dr. Maurizio Cannatà.
I phase: study of the myth and history of Hipponion – through the support of the teacher Giusy Greco, a specialized tour guide who will lead the students on a journey to discover their roots, in which the children delve deeper into and study the history of Hipponion, the myth of Persephone and the cult on which the Orphic laminette was based.
II Phase :acquisition of finds in 3D, using photogrammetry and laser
III phase: storytelling and App development
IV phase: involvement of the schools of Vibo and the surrounding area
The game begins with an introductory screen with an entry of the code to unlock the screen, the children will have to search for objects in augmented reality and, through the guidance of the goddess Persephone, they are invited inside the Museum to search for an artefact on a historical journey , to create a sort of treasure hunt that combines the spirit of play with knowledge.
The project aims to prepare the youngest students, followed by the older ones, through an engaging experience at the museum. AI will be used as a teaching tool, opening new perspectives through coding and demonstrating the potential of AI in education.
The first event, scheduled for March 21, will involve Garibaldi-Buccarelli students, who have already tested the app on their mobile devices. The proposed game will allow them to explore the museum through augmented reality, solving puzzles and finding virtual artifacts.
The Director of the Museum, Dr. Maurizio Cannatàcommented: “This is an excellent collaboration between government agencies and schools, which promotes the valorization of our cultural heritage.”
The manager Angelo Stumpofrom the Garibaldi-Buccarelli school, underlined the importance of this initiative in promoting augmented teaching and service learning, enriching the students' educational experience.
The “Meta Hipponion” project represents a new way for students to contribute to the dissemination of knowledge, creating innovative content and expanding their knowledge through the creative use of technology.