Reggina in a phase of apparent calm. Aquino has terminated his contract, Altamura is leaving

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By John

Phase of apparent calm at Reggina between preparation for the January 14th match against Acireale and a transfer market that is still open, despite the window dedicated to amateurs having closed in December.
The news of the day at Amaranth is the termination of Luigi Aquino. The player had not been used by Trocini since November 1st, the day of the match lost at home against Trapani. In the end his experience in Reggio Calabria ended with 5 appearances and 1 goal at Acireale. An almost logical solution considering that the conditions did not seem to exist for the now consolidated defense hierarchies to change. Ingegneri and Girasole are the starting central duo. with Kremenovic and Zanchi ready to act in the middle of the backlog if necessary. The latter, when the four unders are deployed in another position, can also act as a left winger and Parodi can do the same from the opposite side. Until now the most used solution has been the one that has seen Martiner and Cham, born in 2005, play on the outside of the defence. Options which, in fact, also closed the spaces for a possible use of Aquino as a right back.
Other releases relating to players who have played little are expected. As already mentioned, Altamura could leave and also pay attention to Coppola’s position. The 2005 center forward is owned by Pro Vercelli. Since Bolzicco arrived and became available again, Rosseti has practically never seen the pitch again after an initial phase in which he was often the starting striker, also doing well in relation to his very young age. In Portici, for example, he scored a three-point goal of fundamental importance. If both were to leave, a new scenario would open up. If we consider that Dervishi (2003) is out due to injury, Bontempi (2003) and Ponzo (2004) left Reggina a few weeks ago, the need to intervene on the market to increase the number of unders available to Trocini becomes evident. In addition to the aforementioned Cham and Martiner, the goalkeepers Velcea (2004) and Fecit (2005) are part of the team as well as Provazza (2003), Perri (2005), Zucco (2004) and Bright (2003). They are joined by Simonetta (2006), who has played few minutes so far but is a prospect of great value and above all has a useful age to be in the youngest group of unders next season. Seeing him on the pitch a little more often could also be a sign that we are starting to think ahead. The feeling is that there is a lack of doubles that allow players to alternate in the starting lineup without distorting the idea of ​​the game that we are thinking about these days.
The club is certainly looking for an attacking winger and probably a midfielder. The January market will allow you to draw from the youth sectors of professional teams. It is difficult to establish how long it will take to find those useful pieces to strengthen the team. Since its inception it has been understood that the new Reggina operates with little frenzy on the market, preferring reasoned moves which can sometimes generate expectations that the fans do not like. The doubt remains whether there will still be room for the signing of some free agents.