Reggina is looking for some peace of mind between salaries to pay and training to resume (?)


By John

What separates Reggina from August 29 is not just a period of exhausting waiting. In a summer rich mainly in words (often entrusted solely to press releases), there would now also be room for the facts of those who can do them. Those useful to give credibility to the will to gamble until the end with the appeal to the State Council to get Serie B back again. The opportunity to be exploited would be to have the team’s training at Sant’Agata resume as soon as possible. It was assumed that this could happen after August 15th, but there are still some steps to be taken before making this eventuality plausible.

The most important one would be settle the salaries of those who work at the sports centre, in such a way as to re-create the general conditions for hosting the work of football players. A need also indicated by Massimo Taibi, engaged personally in an attempt to keep together what remains of Reggina. It is not the first time in recent years that the sporting director becomes the last amaranth bulwark or almost so. Today he is one of the few points of contact between the team and the club and hopes to bring the group back to the sports center as soon as possible.

In an interview with Radio Antenna Febea confirmed that he needs a hand. An aid that translates precisely into the request to pay the dues of those who work within the structure in via delle Industrie. Essential people to ensure that the conditions for football can be created again and who have been waiting for months now. They, like all of Reggina, are suspended in a sort of limbo. That of a club which, on the one hand, has now been sold by an outgoing owner and on the other hand, has been purchased but with a termination clause linked to admission to Serie B.

However, words have already come from Manuel Ilari, owner of 100% of the company shares as announced by the official communication of July 20th. He himself had explained that he was working on setting up the fields and that he had arranged for the payment of the warehouse keeper and medical staff for the purpose of resuming training. «He is coming-he had added him-some money for the other employees». It was August 11th and the next few days will allow us to understand if the anticipation has been met.

The news, in a certain sense, is that restoring daily life at Sant’Agata today would have a cost, not too exorbitant for the management standards of a Serie B company, and it is given by the economic effort necessary to pay the employees. What is certain is that not seeing a resumption of work by the team at Sant’Agata within a few days would be a worrying sign and one to be avoided.

If, on the other hand, it were to happen, it would be the best prelude in view of the appeal to the Council of State. A last resort which, for Reggina, can be compared to a match in which they have no underdogs at all, but which nonetheless represents the possibility of overturning everything.