Reggina, midfielders Nino Barillà and Francesco Salandria return to amaranth. For them a two-year contract


By John

La Fenice Amaranto of Reggio Calabria has announced, with a press release, that it has acquired the rights to the sporting performances of the midfielders Antonino Barillà And Francesco Salandria who are linked to the club with a two-year contract.

«Born in Reggio Calabria, born in 1988, Nino is a “son of Sant’Agata” – we read in the note – who wanted to put his undisputed qualities at the service of his city which gave him both his debut in Serie A in 2006 and the first goal in the historic match against Juventus. His wild celebration for having realized his dream of scoring in Serie A with the Reggina shirt was unforgettable. Subsequently Nino wore the shirts of Sampdoria, Ravenna, Trapani, Parma, Monza, Alessandria and Viterbese, accumulating 425 appearances between Serie A and Serie B, marked by 8 goals. His heart has always remained in Reggio Calabria, and today he returns to wear the amaranth shirt with great enthusiasm, to help rebuild what the glorious history of this club deserves.”

Another “son of Sant’Agata”, Francesco Salandria, returns to the fields of the Sports Center where he has been a protagonist since the youth sector. L’Love towards this shirt there is no category for Francesco, protagonist in the salvation in Lega Pro achieved in the play outs in the 2014/15 season. After the experiences with Akragas And MateraFrancesco returns to wear amaranth for two seasons (2018/2020) before his experiences with Catania, Viterbese, Lamezia, Cavese And Fidelis Andria.