Reggina, recover the injured. With the leaders on the pitch it will be different


By John

«Playing every match as if it were a final». The words of captain Nino Barillà gave Reggina the energy for the remaining matches of the championship.
The club is alongside the team to make its trust felt in the players and technical staff and to underline that, after the latest success against Canicattì, this is the moment to insist.
Reggina, due to its history, due to the following it has among its fans, cannot be satisfied; if he plays in a Serie D championship he can only have one objective, that of winning it.
The team has started to give answers in terms of the game. The addition of Porcino and the recovery of Zanchi can raise the technical level and having Zucco, Barillà and Rosseti back after the latest physical problems would provide other guarantees for Trocini
Today a different story can still be written for this championship. It’s unlikely to have a happy ending, but you have to aim to make it as good as possible.
While waiting to understand what the epilogue of this season will be, it is very clear that another football year without fighting to win would possibly be exposed to intransigent criticism and a suspicion of inadequacy of the protagonists with respect to the context.
For the moment, no one knows how it would have gone if the planning had started in July, although it appears clear that some choices were wrong or otherwise unconvincing.
However, for the club now we need to think about the present and not so much about the future. The owner and CEO Ballarino, the president Minniti, the club manager Praticò and the entire technical organization attended the Sant’Agata sports center. It was an opportunity to take stock of the planning of short-term strategies.
The new Reggina has every intention of improving the staff available to Trocini. The wait is to understand how the direction will translate into facts, although it is useful to remember that the transfer campaign should not be understood solely as the one that will expire on 22 December.
The current transfer window allows transfers between amateur teams, while we will have to wait until January to collect “Serie Youth” from professional clubs and it will also remain possible next month to sign professional footballers who are released (using them thirty days after their last match among the pros). For both situations it will be possible to operate until 8pm on February 1st.
It has now become clear that this new Reggina has an almost “diesel engine” management, preferring expectations and thoughtful and strategic choices. The challenge to be overcome remains that of not making the journey towards football that matters too long.